“...I surpassed my goals ...on water, my performance improved dramatically... " - Marilyn, Pilates Instructor and Retired National Team Rower.  Read more.

Did you know...

Theoren Fleury achieved his highest fittness scores this summer after 14 fitness tests with the Calgary Flames through out his career.  Pilates three times a week is part of his regime.  Globe and Mail, Sept. 12, 2009

The Art of Chiropractic

Ph: Dr. Robin Dohlman - Chiropractor specializing in Active Release, Burt Rampersaud - Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage, 403.245.1221.

Gourmet Nutrition - The cook book for the fit food lover.

Precision Nutrition System - A nutrition education and solutions company. Devoted to helping people feel fantastic; look incredible; and perform at the top of their game. 

Heat Stroke , By Michael Simonson - Why Canada's Summer Olympic Program is failing and how we can fix it.

Enneagram - Personality typing with a focus personal growth.  Profound work comunicated through Russ Hudson and Don Richard Riso in their book "The Wisdom of the Enneagram".



Taylor Made Pilates supports these services/products:

Brooke Campell - is a Freelance marketing, communications and project management consultant. Brooke works with small to medium sized companies (like TaylorMade Pilates) to help them gain presence in their market and improve brand awareness in their industry. 

Tower Physio - Tower Physio is your source for the highest quality of physiotherapy care. They offer expertly trained therapists with state of the art equipment.

Think New Now! Coaching and Consulting - Works with people who want to feel more confident, and confident people who want to achieve more.

Foothills Nordic Ski Club - An active, full service cross country ski club, based in Calgary, Alberta.

Motion Chiropractic - Providing the highest quality care for individuals, familes, and children in persuit of their heatlh and wellness goals.