"body plagued with the effects of a severe scoliosis ... Marilyn uses her vast experience to teach me exercises that not only protect my back, but reinforce my core." Larisa, Severe Scoliosis. Read more. "   Read more.

Did you know...

Theoren Fleury achieved his highest fittness scores this summer after 14 fitness tests with the Calgary Flames through out his career.  Pilates three times a week is part of his regime.  Globe and Mail, Sept. 12, 2009

Suggested Program

For the first 32 workouts, it is recommended that the client comes 3x a week. After 32 sessions, you will have built a solid foundation and the client should continue coming 2-3x per week. Progress varies from client to client.  Learn about rates.

Private Pilates Sessions


The one-on-one live interaction between client and instructor yields tremendous results. With immediate verbal, tactile and visual cues, as well as feedback, the instructor will monitor the client's entire body, maintaining alignment, correcting muscle activation and encouraging proper and safe advancement.  Learn more.