Did you know...

Theoren Fleury achieved his highest fittness scores this summer after 14 fitness tests with the Calgary Flames through out his career.  Pilates three times a week is part of his regime.  Globe and Mail, Sept. 12, 2009


Tracy Cameron, Bronze Medalist 2008 Olympics, Canada's Light Weight Womens Double (note, Tracy is endorsing Pilates as a form of exercise). 

"As an Olympic athlete I focus on finding more speed or anything that will give me an advantage over my competitors.  In the lead up to the Olympics I added Pilates to my training regime in the hopes of gaining that edge.  After only two months of regular Pilates sessions, my Physiotherapist could not believe the gains that I had made with my length, strength and stability. I firmly believe that Pilates is essential for preventing injury and effective in helping me find those extra inches (on the race course)."  


Caley, bride to be.

In six months I transformed my body.  The changes crept up on me. Marilyn pushed me hard, working my arms so they would looked toned in my wedding dress.  A few days before my wedding I saw the before and after pictures and was shocked.  My commitment and hardwark paid off.  Pilates truely does lengthen the muscle to create a long lean body.


Gord, Golfer and decreased lower back pain.

"I have been a Pilates student with Marilyn for about three years now. The results I have enjoyed have been life altering: much improved posture, an almost complete disappearance of nagging lower back issues that have challenged my active lifestyle for decades, an improved golf game due to a stronger core(without any golf lessons) and, interestingly, improved eyesight (don't know if there is a correlation or not). Marilyn's style of teaching challenges me in a positive, reinforcing manner that makes training with her an enjoyable and productive experience. I recommend Marilyn without reservation."


Isabel, Decreased back problems and easing of migraines.

I have been going to Taylor Made Pilates and Stretching for two years now.  I have had back problems for many years.  The core strength and flexibility which I have developed working in the pilates studio with Marilyn has made a tremendous difference in my balance and posture and has most certainly improved my quality of life.  I also have done many stretching sessions which have helped a great deal with releasing the pain caused by the disk degeneration in my back.  A very pleasing side effect of some of my stretching sessions was an easing of my migraine headaches.  


Donna, Pain free and lost inches.

"After several years of back pain, pilates proved to be the only logical direction.  Besides being pain free, my posture, flexibility and stamina have been restored.  Losing inches is just the by product of all the other benefits. " 


Larisa, Severe Scoliosis.

My discovery of Pilates has been a crucial event in my life. For many years, I have tried different methods and techniques to improve my posture and muscle tone but nothing compares to the results I got with Pilates. I consider myself very fortunate that Marilyn Taylor became my instructor. I have a very delicate body structure, plagued with the effects of a severe scoliosis corrected with 3 surgeries. Marilyn uses her vast experience to teach me exercises that not only protect my back, but reinforce my core. I saw immediate results in vitality, strength and balance. It is a pleasure to train and thus improve every day the quality of my life.


Sue, No pain and golfer.

I have to say that getting involved in Marilyn's Pilates program was the best thing I ever did for myself.  My hips no longer ache, I have a much stronger core, better posture and stronger golf swing.

Marilyn's stretching is great too.  She manipulates all extremeties and when finished I feel better that when I have massages.  She has accomplished more in one stretch session on my shoulder than many other treatments I have tried.

Marilyn takes real pride in her work, cares about her clients and works hard to bring you to a higher level of accomplishment and understanding of your body's capabilities.


Marilyn, Pilates Instructor, Retired National Team rower.

As a National Team rower, I was always seeking an edge that would help me achieve my personal best. Pilates was introduced to me in 2002. Within a few months, I watched in disbelief, as my erg score (a test on the rowing machine) for 2000 meters went from 7:00 minutes to 6:56 minutes. A few months later I surpassed my goals again and hammered out a score of 6:54 minutes. Those two seconds put me in the top 8 scores in Canada. On water, my performance improved dramatically as well. Historically, I slumped at the finish of my stroke, which was the result of poor core strength. Within a year of starting Pilates, my coach was complementing me on my posture at the finish. Prior to this, I had spent three years rowing with the National Team with weak and inefficient rowing posture!