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Pilates Calgary

Start your one-on-one Pilates journey in the comfort of the Taylor Made Pilates home studio in South West Calgary.

With over 10 years of Romana’s Pilates experience and a customized approach, Marilyn can help you get rid of shoulder or back pain, gain strength to live an active lifestyle or to improve your level of sport, such as your golf swing.

Private Pilates Class in Calgary

Taylor Made Pilates offers Romana’s Pilates style instruction with private sessions tailored to each individual client in the comfort of a home studio.

How is one-on-one Pilates different from a group class?

One-on-one Pilates means the workout is customized specifically for your individual body, this is especially important if you are injured or are recovering from an injury.

In a group class, an instructor can only correct generic problems that apply to the majority of the people in that class.

Getting individualized instruction ensures you are guided through a session targeting exactly what your body needs to improve.