Rates for Pilates and Stretching

All prices include GST.


Intro Package (new clients only)

A full session in 50 min.

4 sessions      $357.00 ($89.25/session)

Standard Pricing

A full session is 50 minutes.

8 weeks x 1 session/week      $840.00 ($105/session)

8 weeks x 2 sessions/week     $1680.00 ($105/session) 

8 weeks x 3 sessions/week     $2,520.00 ($105/session)

1 session $110.00/session


A full Stretch session is 50 minutes.

1 session      $110.00

5 sessions     $525 ($105/session)

Special Pricing

This pricing can be applied to Pilates or stretching.

Individuals with MS     $89.25/session

MLCA Membership Rate     $99.75/session


At Taylor Made Pilates we are a small business, here are a few policies so that everyone’s time is respected.

  • If you provide less than 24 hours notice for a cancellation, you WILL forfeit your session (excluding sickness).  If you are sick, you may make up your session, when you are well.  
  • If you arrive more than 20 minutes late for a session, without calling, you will forfeit that session.
  • You may reschedule your no show/late cancelled session but you will still be charged for the no show/late cancel.
  • There are no refunds.

Referral Policy

Refer a friend or family member and get one session free!

Client Testimonial

“Attending pilates so far has helped Hailey (13 years old) gain increased balance while standing in her ballet shoes, it has helped with core strengthening for balance and strength, and she is finding she is able to sustain her energy for longer periods of time in her conditioning classes.  Flexibility is also important for Hailey in her dance, so in recognizing where she is strong, and where to challenge herself safely in increasing her flexibility in a safe environment (at Taylor Made Pilates) allows her to grow in this area as well.”
Cecilia (Hailey’s mom)