Pilates Instructor in Calgary

What makes Marilyn stand out from other Pilates instructors? She has an exceptional eye for body reading and movement, addresses muscles AND fascia, is fully certified advanced Pilates instructor with 14 years experience and is a passionate teacher, communicator and motivator.

Taylor Made Pilates specializes in Romana’s Pilates, which is a fast-paced and athletic approach to Pilates that can be customized to all levels.

As a student of Joseph Pilates (the founder of Pilates), Romana Kryzanowska’s method is based on the original teachings.

With over 950 hours of training and extensive testing through Pilates Seattle International, Marilyn has received her Advanced Level of Certification in New York through Romana’s Pilates (world-renowned protégé of Joseph Pilates).

Her body awareness through years as a high-performance athlete inspired her passion for figuring out how to make people’s bodies work better through Pilates. More recently, in 2022, Marilyn has taken a deep dive into studying fascia with Anatomy Trains. This has taken her teaching to a higher level, giving her a much better understanding of how the body works. Now, when watching someone move, she not only sees what the muscles are doing but how the fascia is affecting the movement. Understanding the fascia better allows her to help make dramatic changes in her clients bodies and movement.

Complimenting her Pilates training, Marilyn also is certified in Level 1 Flexibility Therapists for Lower and Upper Body, through the Stretch to Win Institute.  

Prior to becoming a Pilates instructor, Marilyn was a Canadian National Team Rower. As an elite athlete, Marilyn was astounded at how her results in competitions improved when she started doing Pilates. 

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Marilyn’s approach to teaching Pilates is firm yet intuitive. When Marilyn is not teaching Pilates she loves to cross country ski, cycle, trail run and spend time with her daughter.

The Studio

Taylor Made Pilates is located in a cozy home studio in South Calgary (near Marda Loop). Bright natural lighting, hardwood floors and 9-foot ceilings offer plenty of privacy and comfort. Marilyn has advanced certification on all the studio equipment, which includes:

  • Reformer
  • Cadillac
  • Wunda chair
  • Electric chair
  • Mat
  • Pedipole
  • Ladder Barrel
  • 2 Spine correctors

The use of harsh detergents and chemical cleaning agents are avoided in the studio. The equipment is cleaned with Nature’s Ultimate and bleach solution which is a concentrated orange cleaner made locally here in Calgary. Hand towels are washed with biodegradable soap.

Client Testimonial

“My wife and I are retired and have been seeing Marilyn for a year. We wish we had started years earlier. We have learned that our prior work with personal trainers did not help the muscles we actually need. My wife’s back problems have been reduced and my posture has been corrected and I am actually back to the height I was in university. I would recommend Marilyn for people of all ages as we have seen great success.”
David Wilson