Reformer Pilates Calgary

Taylor Made Pilates offers Romana’s Pilates style instruction with private sessions tailored to each individual client in the comfort of a home studio.

What can I expect from Pilates?

Pilates is precise and at Taylor Made Pilates, Marilyn will help you target the right sequencing of muscles.

Many times when people work out, they unknowingly only use larger muscle groups. To prevent injury, it’s important to strengthen all muscle groups, even the little ones.

Being able to target the right muscle helps the body be efficient and is also the main difference between Pilates and other disciplines focused on the sequenced firing of muscles, such as yoga and weight training. 

Pilates balances your body, it strengthens where you are weak and stretches where you are tight. 

What does a Taylor Made Pilates session look like?

A Pilates session with Marilyn starts right away. As an experienced Pilates instructor Marilyn is able to assess and tailor the workout at the moment depending on your feedback.

Pilates sessions can be more strength or stretching focused depending on how you feel that day. Marilyn always has your safety in mind as she challenges you to achieve your goal.

If you’re interested in learning more about Taylor Made Pilates services, don’t hesitate to reach out!

But is Pilates for me?

Everyone can benefit from Pilates. Pilates increases athletic performances, prevents injuries, assists with rehabilitation and can help you maintain your strength so you can live an active lifestyle.

Pilates is for anyone who wants increased body awareness, balance, strength and flexibility. Learn more about Taylor Made Pilates and Marilyn’s approach to Pilates instruction.

How is one-on-one Pilates different from a group class?

One-on-one Pilates means the workout is customized specifically for your individual body, this is especially important if you are injured or are recovering from an injury.

In a group class, an instructor can only correct generic problems that apply to the majority of the people in that class.

Getting individualized instruction ensures you are guided through a session targeting exactly what your body needs to improve.

How can I come prepared?

For your first session, please arrive 5 min early. Come dressed in comfortable clothes that allow you to move – such as leggings, shorts and a t-shirt.

Please wear socks. Please do not wear perfume or jewelry.

What other services do you offer?

Another service Marilyn offers is one-on-one stretching sessions.

Fascial Stretch Therapy is assisted stretching with the client on a treatment table using comfortable straps to stabilize the limb or part of the body that is not being worked on.

This facilitates complete relaxation of the person being stretched and enhances the effectiveness of the actions of the Facial Therapist. The stretching is pain-free and relaxing.

Client Testimonial

“Pilates has helped me to recover and strengthen from an injury beyond what physio was able to do for me. It’s even corrected structural challenges I’ve had in my feet and ankles for a long time, and this has helped me improve my performance in all physical activities I undertake.”
Lori Hewson.