Basic Pilates Mat Workout Video

In this Basic Pilates Mat Workout Video you can follow along and maintain and even build on your core and full body strength. Some Pilates ques to keep in mind are: 1) when on your back keep you lower back pressed into the mat, 2) when the legs are extended keep your legs higher to maintain your lower back on the mat and safe and 3) If you have lower back pain don’t lower 2 legs at the same time also avoid criss cross on the Killer 5. Mat is one component of a full program involving several different kinds of Pilates equipment including Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Electric Chair, Pedipole, Ladder Barrel, and Spine Corrector. All Marilyn’s equipment is from Gratz.

In this basic Pilates mat workout video, the style of Pilates Marilyn teaches, Romana’s Pilates, vary rare to find in Calgary. This style of Pilates is a faster paced, athletic workout as apposed to slower paced physio based workout. Contact Marilyn to buy a virtual gift certificate.

What Got Me Hooked on Pilates

Pilates was introduced to me during my time as an athlete with the Canadian National Rowing Team.  My good friend, Stephie Davis, owner at 360 Brain and Body in Calgary, introduced me to Pilates in 2002.  I was immediately hooked for 3 reasons:  I saw it as my future career, it was my secret training weapon while trying out for the national team and it would contribute to my long term health.

Rowing, at the time, was my full time job.  My income was $500/month from the government for rowing and about $500 from a telephone sales job I did for a half an hour a day from my apartment.  Some years I got that money from a sponsorship.  I managed to find a way to pay for one Pilates session a week so that I could further my future career as a Pilates instructor and my current career as a rower.  The results in my rowing was measurable and significant.  It took me from struggling to be one of the lower ranked rowers to ranking in the middle and on a really good day at the top of the pack.   This was the only significant change in my training so I knew it was from the Pilates.  Once my rowing career was over, I had my 80 hours of Pilates under my belt and was ready to start my training as an apprentice at Pilates Seattle International.  

While living in Seattle for 9 months training as an apprentice, I did over 900 hours of training to become a Pilates instructor.  In that time, I immersed myself in Pilates and saw and felt my body change.  Even though I had never felt uncomfortable in my body, I was experiencing a new found SUPER comfort that I had never felt before.  Moving felt effortless.  Another unexpected benefit was I went from a size 10 to size 6.  My weight was the same but my body had changed to a longer leaner look.  

Upon returning to Calgary, I opened a private crowded and awkward studio in my condo in Lower Mount Royal.  I quickly grew out of that and bought the house I live and teach out of now, in Marda Loop.  Working where I live has created a healthy work life balance.  It allows me to maximize the time my family is at school or asleep, to work.  My value of simplicity has been honored in my decision to work from home and to be an entrepreneur.   

So from rowing to parent/Pilates teacher has been a process that has taken me almost 20 years.  Instructing Pilates is still my passion and feels like I am doing what I am meant to do.  

A Deep Understanding of Pilates

Pilates has been and continues to be a journey for me of deeply understanding what it means to work from the center of the body.   As I DO and as I TEACH, my understanding of the power house grows and morphs into a giant vault of information that I can draw from.  What and how I teach Pilates changes every day for every client.  The person in front of me is unique – body, mind, spirit, learning style, motivation, level of fitness, level of health and degree of willingness to learn.  All these variables influence what tool I pull out of my tool box that day.  This blog is meant to chronicle some of this journey and open discussion to others on their path to a higher level of Pilates.